Prior to your appointment, please check your insurance information so you will be informed about referrals, co-payments, and any deductible required at the time of the visit. We also accept: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

We accept Medicare as well as most insurers, however, please review all insurance information with our staff prior to services being rendered.

Your health insurance contract is between you and your insurance company. Any complaints regarding your coverage should be directed to your carrier.

Consult the physician before asking to be referred to a specialist.

Insurance and OMT

Most insurance will pay for preventive services and OMT in that manner that they are traditionally practiced. There are a few plans that do not. The plans are very specific to both the insurance carrier and the patient’s employer and there is no way for us to know prior to performing a service how that service is covered by your plan.  

You should contact your benefits office to determine how you can make sure that insurance will cover preventive services and OMT.

If you have a plan that does not cover particular services that we offer and do not wish to pay for these yourself, please let us know so that we may plan your care accordingly.

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